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Crossfire creates and develops the integrated technology that suits the needs of the individual customer by managing the planning, the design and the industrialisation methods of the production cycle.
We take care of every phase: studying the product, co-designing, engineering, designing, prototyping, production of small series, launching new product spinoffs, implementation, testing and commissioning.
Environment and safety are always a priority: all materials are free from solvents and formaldehyde.
When it comes to materials and new technologies, we are able to create something totally new and made-to-measure for each and every customer.
We also guarantee that all of our work is conducted under the strictest confidentiality.

Following are our main solutions:
• Lightweight Solutions, using:

• Crosspreg® - the hybrid Recyclable prepreg
• Organosheet - the new generation
• Eco Panels - light recyclable structural panels
• CrossCope® - special plastic compounds
• Eco Vp-Tech® - the Variable Profile moulding technology
• ECB - the patented electrical carbon bonding technology
• Recycled Carbon Prepregging - the technology to prepreg, without any other pre-treatment, the recycled carbon fabric, from pyrolysis