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Sandwich Panels and Decoration

Crossfire develops the Eco-Panels technology entirely in house. The composite structural panels produced are lightweight, affordable, productive, eco-friendly and recyclable, as well as free from VOC emissions, solvents and formic aldehyde, making them totally green.
Crossfire® technology is able to meet the many demands for lightweight and eco-friendly products by means of a fast and effective one-step moulding process.

Our preferred core is expanded PET obtained from recycled bottles, which facilitates “one-shot” recycling, without the need to take it apart. We can also provide HC cores made of paper, aluminium, balsa, etc.
The Crosspreg® composite skins are manufactured in house with glass, carbon, aramid, linen, or basalt base.

A variant of our EcoPanels technology is our EcoVP-tech that allows us to mould, without core pre-forming, variable thickness and curved profiles using moulds with the same materials employed for flat panels.