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Crossfire is the point where concepts intersect. Our laboratory of ideas consists of a team of people from different sectors that come together and give life to something completely new and far from the usual standards. Our corporate logo is an arrow man launching himself beyond the limits of what is already known.

At Crossfire, we do not offer standardised solutions. Our goal is to satisfy the specific needs of each customer, supporting every stage of the creative and manufacturing process, and we choose to do so in an intentionally eco-friendly way.

The heart of Crossfire is a group of experts with thirty years of experience in multinationals that specialise in product industrialisation. A network of more than twenty professionals contribute to the competence and know-how we are able to offer on demand, based on the customer’s requests. At Crossfire, we aim to provide complete, new and ecologically compatible solutions with regard to both the products and the methods and technologies used to produce them.

Our areas of expertise include industrial chemistry, design, engineering, and support to simulation softwares.