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Crossfire Srl is an applied R&D laboratory dedicated to the development and industrialisation of technological solutions and innovative industrial products based on eco-friendly composite materials that are recycled/recyclable, inexpensive and easily manufactured in large series. At Crossfire Srl, we are able to build any type of industrial prototype to meet the individual needs of our customers.

The technological key of Crossfire Srl is in the design and production of Crosspreg®, a new generation of reactive prepreg composites with thermoplastic behaviour that are recyclable and stable at room temperature, obtained thanks to a special proprietary hybrid reactive resin. In just a few years, our laboratories have perfected the know-how to transform raw materials into useful elements for end-use applications.

The support that Crossfire Srl offers its customers spans from co-designing the items to be developed, to performing mechanical and chemical tests, up to providing consultancy for the implementation of the production system.

Crossfire Srl is the ideal partner because, in addition to developing new products and industrial technologies, it can also assist customers in the launch of spin-offs generated by the innovative technologies developed, which will also be used for the production and industrialisation of the new products.

At Crossfire Srl, we are fully committed to protecting the environment and the health of our staff: the composites manufactured are entirely recyclable and free of gaseous emissions and solvents, and do not release hazardous substances into the water.

Crossfire Srl works in collaboration with the Toso Montanari Faculty of Industrial Chemistry at the University of Bologna, and with its partner, Ormamacchine Spa.

Crossfire, a highly innovative enterprise that turns your green dream of a cleaner world into reality!

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